Video Editing

Relax, let us take care of it

Video content is more relevant than ever.


If your business is not using videos for marketing, then it should be.

Why?  Videos engage people.  They impress people.  They are shared across social media.  People like watching videos and seeing you on the camera is super effective at building trust with your potential clients.  If you don't take advantage of video content, your competitors will.

 However, video creation is extremely time consuming.  If you don't know exactly what you're doing, it will take even longer.  That's why hiring out the task of video editing is often a really great decision if you're running a business.

Imagine!  You can concentrate on running your business while someone else is moving your business into the marketing future!  Embrace video content and watch your engagement numbers soar.

Sounds nice, right?


What can we offer?

  • A relationship.  Why is this cool?  We learn what you like.  The longer you work with us, the more we get an intuitive understanding of your personal video style.  That's why it's great to stick with one awesome editor!  We become mind-readers. ;)
  • Reliability.  We take your schedules and deadlines seriously.  One thing you do not want is an editor that doesn't understand this.  If you promised your audience you'd have a video up by a certain day...well--that video had better be there.  We will make sure your audience gets what they were promised.  Guaranteed.
  • Skill.  Video editing is an art.  It requires not only a significant amount of practice, but also a dose of natural talent.  You will only work with editors that have those traits (and let's not forget being easy to work with!).
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"I just wanted to thank you for editing my website video homepage and four educational coaching videos in such a timely professional manner.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and was impressed with Spiderlegs Media's consistent quality work.  Since I wasn't accessible during the day, I found it super convenient and easy to work with you after hours by sharing a Dropbox folder to keep the updated versions of the files.  It also made it possible for the company that had the raw footage to upload the audio file and raw footage.  I'm incredibly happy with the finished product and my YouTube analytics are already paying off in views and watch time.  I will definitely be using your services again."

- Jill Rasmussen, Love Your Life Coach

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+ My personal contact information

+ Biweekly updates + Weekly video previews + Strategy sessions as needed

How Does This Work?

I'm glad you asked!  Here's an order of events:

  1. We set up a time to talk (phone, video chat, email, etc.)
  2. We discuss your video plan
  3. You send me your video and audio footage and any pictures, text or fonts that you'd like in the video
  4. I show you a video preview to make sure you like how it's going
  5. I finish the video and send it to you via Dropbox or a similar file sharing method

Tech Details

(What we can do to your videos)

  • Text on video
  • Credits and intro
  • Subtitles
  • Music and music videos
  • Color correction
  • Video stabilizing
  • Minor text and logo animations
  • Green screen editing
  • Vlog style jump-cuts
  • Image/video overlays
  • Sound Effects
  • Minor audio editing


Majken (MY-ken) Ruppert is the founder of Spiderlegs Media.  She has over four years of video editing experience.  Originally home-schooled, she started college and realized that entrepreneurship better suited her goals; so she switched course and Spiderlegs Media was born!

Her passions: Video editing and travel