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Video Guidance

This is for those of you who feel pretty good with handling video creation yourselves, but need some nudging in the right direction.  I'm here for you if you need advice, feedback or technical assistance with your videos.

The video below is a prime example of what can be made by those new to video editing.  This video was filmed and edited by Western Michigan University students who had never edited or used Adobe Premiere Pro before.

 Spiderlegs Media acted as a consultant and guide through this process -- the video is made by the students.

The entire video was recorded on smartphones and edited by the Spring 2017 Advanced (B) Speaking & Listening students from CELCIS -- Center for English Language and Culture for International Students Western Michigan University.

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Consulting Session Details

  • We will not take your money if you are not satisfied
  • Sessions can be up to 60 minutes
  • We can talk using phone, email, Skype, or something else!
  • List of topics I can help with:
    • Where to cut a video clip
    • Pace and timing of video
    • Color grading
    • Video text
    • Navigating Adobe Premiere Pro
      • and other editing programs, to a lesser extent
    • Green screen
    • Overall quality of a video
    • Inserting or importing images, videos, and audio files into your project
    • Footage advice (How to improve raw video footage in the future)
    • Adjusting audio and adding minor audio effects
    • Uploading and using YouTube
    • Exporting video files

Price: $50/session

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