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Ready to have a finished video?


Why video?

Videos engage people.  They impress people.  They are shared across social media.  People like watching videos and seeing you on-screen is super effective at building trust with your potential clients.

Video Positively Impacts Business

"82% of marketers said video positively impacted their business.", 2013

What can we offer?

  • A relationship.  Why is this cool?  We learn what you like.  The longer you work with us, the more we get an intuitive understanding of your personal video style.  That's why it's great to stick with one awesome editor!  We become mind-readers. ;)
  • Reliability.  We take your schedules and deadlines seriously.  One thing you do not want is an editor that doesn't understand this.  If you promised your audience you'd have a video up by a certain day...well--that video had better be there.  We will make sure your audience gets what they were promised.  Guaranteed.
  • Skill.  Video editing is an art.  It requires not only a significant amount of practice, but also a dose of natural talent.  You will only work with editors that have those traits (and let's not forget being easy to work with!).

What people are saying...

I am grinning ear to ear. It is absolutely perfect!!!
— Leeanne Seaver, Hands and Voices

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